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For Home Sellers

It's a seller's market for the first 30 days. It's a buyer's market after that. Your best day is the first day.

It's like a bus unloading-- if you are a buyer in the market place, the moment a new house comes on you want to see it. You don't want to wait 3 weeks. Chances are if you missed that first bus load of buyers, you will be chasing that buyer down for months to come.

Think about how you buy most things today. You usually buy a new car instead of used- Why? Less maintenance, fresh, newest features. Same with homes except with fewer choices. A buyer will "pay-up" every time for a new home or a completely re-done home.

As your LISTING AGENT, some of my services will include:

  • Provide a detailed market analysis and comparables for your property to get you the perfect projected selling price
  • Photograph your property for brochures, direct mail cards for the immediate areas, public print ads, and for the virtual tour to be featured online at my website, ATAYLORHOUSE.COM and other real estate-related websites
  • List your property in the Multiple Listing Service for the Greater Washington Area - accessible to all agents and those prospective purchasers
  • Network among other agents who may just have the "perfect" buyer for your property, and engage my sphere of influence as much as possible with those agents who specialize in your home's area and price point
  • Relay feedback from other agents previewing your home and offer suggestions to help get your home sold--fast!
  • Coordinate the entire selling process for you from listing to settlement and beyond - a real concierge & real estate specialist with a full-time staff who does just this
  • Most importantly - negotiate the best possible price for you!

Home Staging & Professional Photography

If you want the best and highest price in any market, make your home the best it can be.

People buy what they feel good in and what they aspire to. The fresher the product you can deliver the more someone will pay for it. The more work "they" need to do the less they pay for it.

We work with stagers, contractors, painters and gardeners to make your home sparkle. Below are some of the ways we distinguish your home from the competition.

Our professional photographers are equipped with the latest digital equipment and the expertise to bring out the very best in homes of every style and at every price point. Our process ensures a single photo shoot captures everything you need for a great virtual tour, high-definition video, and top-quality, full-color print materials and advertisements.

The Best Virtual Tour System in Real Estate

Our virtual tours are designed to attract more viewers, capture their interest longer, and sell properties faster. Fully interactive and flawlessly responsive, our virtual tours give today's sophisticated buyers more of what they're looking for: more visuals, more control, and more information about the home. Features include: one-click access to more visuals than any other tour: photos, floor plan tours, HD videos and spherical panoramic images; interactive, image-rich floor plan tours; HD YouTube videos; three types of geospatial mapping; touch screen device compatibility; a social media sharebar; and printable high-resolution brochures.

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Compelling Print Materials

With deeper colors, sharper detail, and deluxe paper stock, we provide superior print quality your buyers can see and feel. We utilize a wide array of marketing materials, including flyers, brochures, and direct mail, all professionally designed and printed.

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